All submissions are subjected to the Terms of Service, which update from time-to-time without notice.

Description of Services
Site-Sift provides a professional review by a Site-Sift editor for inclusion into the Site-Sift Web Directory. By submitting a URL, you acknowledge that the payment is for a review of that URL, and does not constitute inclusion in the Site-Sift Web Directory. All reviews are completed within 72 hours of the submission.

All payments are due upon submission, if your listing is not approved for some reason we will fully refund your money back to you. All other fees are non-refundable and all listings approved are subject to an annual review to ensure compliance with our terms of service.

Site-Sift will not accept the following:

  1. Sites that include, constitute, or promote illegal content.
  2. Sites that use redirects to another URL.
  3. Sites that are “under construction” Please complete your site prior to submission.
  4. Sites that are “mirror sites.” “Mirror sites” contain identical content, but different URL’s.
  5. Sites that contain mostly affiliate links. Affiliate links promote or sell products or services outside of their website.

Site-Sift reserves the right to edit titles and descriptions, and move submissions from page to page, and category to category.

Site-Sift reserves the right to terminate a site from the directory for any breach of the Terms of Service. Site-Sift may also at any time discontinue the service with or without notice. Further, Site-Sift shall not be liable for termination of services.