Review of SEO Tool – Cockpit

When it comes to SEO tools, you should not just settle for the ordinary ones. You should opt for those that will truly give you your money’s worth. The good news is you don’t have to look any further. You have SEO Cockpit. 

SEO Cockpit is certainly not your run-of-the-mill SEO tool. In fact, it’s trying to revolutionize the way you do your search engine optimization: by making it automatic, truly easy, more accurate, and more fitting to the brand you’re establishing. 

To give you an idea of what you can anticipate from SEO Cockpit, take a look at the list below: 

Thorough Backlinks Checker

Checking search engines for backlinks is time-consuming; there are lots of players on the web. SEO Cockpit saves you time by allowing you to keep track of backlinks between search engines such as Google and Yahoo at the same time. 
And if this isn’t enough, the program actually updates itself twenty-four hours a day. Not like other online SEO tools, SEO Cockpit provides 24-hour data of site statistics and keyword rankings. What can be more spot-on than that? You can now skip the second-guessing of where you stand in search engines. There will be no more false hopes. Most of all, because you’re getting the right information, you can also come up with the right SEO decisions to improve rankings in your niche market. “The data available through the Cockpit backlinks checker is very impressive” , says expert at Lund SEO

Indexed Pages

There’s definitely a good reason why content is certified king in the World Wide Web after all these years. They just help drive traffic to your website, and more traffic means higher chances of getting prospects and even customers for your business. The sad news is despite the many tools for SEO, there’s no best way of really knowing if your new content has been picked up by your most-searched engines, particularly Google. 

Well, not until SEO Cockpit came along. It features Pages Indexed, which gives you an idea which content has already been picked up and how it ranks against your competitors. 

E-Mailed Stats Alerts

So-called top SEO tools are pleased with just supplying you with statistics and reports. SEO Cockpit takes it one step higher: e-mailing them into your chosen inbox. You are not required to constantly log in to your account just to know your statistics. What’s more, we are talking about aggregated traffic statistics. This means you also no longer need to log into your AWStats account.

All data you gather from SEO Cockpit can be converted into PDF reports but that’s not all. You can actually customize them. You can include your business name, logo, and even contact details. Moreover, since they are in PDF, they are easily e-mailed or shared with your business partners and colleagues. 

No More Downloads!

Perhaps the best thing about SEO Cockpit and the reason it’s like your random SEO tool is this: it’s completely web based. Not only will you able to save some space on your hard drive, you can always monitor your account anytime and anywhere. 

There’s no doubt that SEO Cockpit is one of the best SEO tools to date. You may ask, though, is the price tag hefty? Not at all! Everyone is entitled to a free 14-day trial, and get this, at a very small fee of $10, you can enjoy the software as much as you want.

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