Faelgbutikken – A One Stop Shop For Rims And Wheels

With winter around the corner and the first few days of snowfall, we are witnessing the expected rise in thick soft tires and standard black rims. Faelgbutikken is a danish rim and tire distributor, who ensures that things don’t have to be that way. You don’t need unappealing standard rims on your customized Ashton Martin or basic winter tires on your Ferrari. The owners behind the website are car enthusiast, as yourself, meaning they know the impact a pair of good rims and wheels can have on your vehicle. Nothing less than high-quality performance rims and tires will be found on the website, these rims and wheels parallel the authenticity and quality of auto dealers.

With 10 years under its belt, Faelgbutikken still takes the customers needs highly into consideration. They ensure that the rim you want for your vehicle can be found and obtained. This is great for consumers because it eliminates the hassle of hunting for rims, only to settle for used or fake versions. The wide variety of wheels and rims are due to the various private import and direct distribution deals with several recognized manufacturers. Suppliers range from across Europe, meaning the right part can be obtained from the right place at the right price. In addition to great products, safety is also taken highly into consideration. It is very important when doing even the slightest modifications on your vehicle, Faelgbutikken understands this and acts accordingly. All wheels and rims are checked with your specific car for approval to ensure safety. Rims and tires are checked that they fit your car and do so firmly. In addition to the initial check, wheels are assembled and balanced in the advanced Hunter Machine, which provides better ride comfort. The final product is stylish, high-quality rims that can be immediately mounted onto your car, upon delivery.

An Unprecedented Variation Of Products

Faelgbutikken.dk offers an incredible amount of rims for various cars in various sizes. The sheer size of the catalog is impressive in itself. Most vehicles on the market are accounted for, along with their models meaning the website can be used as a one-stop shop for tires and rims. Whether you want performance rims for your Acura TL or stylish black rims for your Mini Cooper, you can shop with some piece of mind. The ability to compare prices, sizes and styles can all be done in one place making it easy for the consumer. In addition to summer performance tires, winter tires and all season tires are available. The customer service team can also provide you with details to help you make the right decision. Once a decision has been made you can easily add it to your cart and complete your payment using any form of online payment. The experience with Faelgbutikken doesn’t end with payment, they continue to send you emails on the process of your product and confirmation. In addition to the great customer service is the speedy delivery usually taking 3-5 days. Faelgbutikken is a professional company and conducts business in that manner. The products delivered and sold are meant to meet your high expectations. Quality is key when shopping with Faelgbutikken.