Everything You Ought To Know About Zimpler – A Popular Swedish Mobile Payment Option

Zimpler, which happens to be a Swedish mobile payment method, was mainly intended for the online gamblers to allow them to deposit in their favourite Zimpler casino. In fact, you do not need to register your card or even share other personal details while using this method. This particular payment system can boast of tools which will enable you to have the required control on spending.

So how does it work?

The customers are able to select their payment method and make the payment safely on any website they prefer. They simply require entering their mobile phone number after visiting the website and then type the text message they receive in their mobile. In this way, a Zimpler account will be automatically created for that individual.

After that, Zimpler will be offering a list of payment methods for that person. The payment is made to be complete once he selects his payment option. The individual will also receive a fresh code to his mobile gadget every time he would like to make a fresh payment.

More on how Zimpler works here.


  1. Help guide: In case you need information regarding addiction to gambling, you will receive support including important facts on hazardous gaming, addictions and so on.
  2. Set a limit: Making it a point to stay within your budget by ascertaining how much exactly you would like to spend per month. For this, you need to contact support initially by means of an email and afterward from your account directly. It is also possible to modify the budget whenever you want by sending an email and wait for one week for the email to get activated.
  3. Blocking service: It is possible for you to block yourself from making use of their service. Your account will be permanently blocked after you have made the request and this is irreversible.

How can we compare Zimpler to Phone Bills?

Although Zimpler is actually a mobile payment procedure, it is quite different from its rivals such as Boku since the gamers don’t credit the deposits to the phone bill.

On the contrary, there is a slightly longer procedure where the players are required to process financial transactions along with a payment method on every single transaction.
As a matter of fact, the phone bill payments tend to be faster as compared to Zimpler since there is no requirement to submit information for every transaction to be completed. Zimpler proves to be appropriate for gamers who prefer using credit cards and also want the full protection of their transactions.

Benefits of using Zimpler:

Zimpler offers a fantastic combination of convenience as well as ease-of-use that is only found in mobile payments. The gamer just needs to be aware of his mobile phone number. One will also be able to have better control his gaming budget by making payments in this method. Read more on how to deposit on a Zimpler casino here.

Simultaneously, he can also establish a restriction on all the gaming sites and there is no necessity to add it to all the sites individually. Both outgoing, as well as incoming payments, are managed very successfully by Zimpler.

By aggregating profits and deposits in one single location, you can even show the net balance. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that Zimpler happens to be an extremely safe and convenient way to remain updated with your budget for enjoying casino games.
Moreover, Zimpler is also reputed for providing an excellent customer service. All the users, irrespective of their languages, will be assisted properly with queries in English, Swedish and Finnish.