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Karamba Casino – A Unique Concept?

Karamba Casino is an ideal online gaming casino. Here, you can choose from some classic casino games. You can also choose from a wide variety of slot machine games – that range from a single win line up to 20 win lines!

About Karamba Casino

Karamba is an instant-play flash casino. It was established on January 1, 2005 and was licensed in Malta, United Kingdom. Karamba casino features Microgaming and NetEnt, along with the secondary support, from Cryptology and Neogames, power the site. You can follow new releases of slots games at their Twitter.

Karamba Twitter


Due to the primary affiliation with NetEnt, majority of the games at Karamba Casino are slots – a whooping 200 slots! You can therefor enjoy playing on the best and most popular slots such as:

  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Mighty Sphinx
  • Secret of the Stones
  • Rainbow Charms
  • Gonzo’s Quest
  • Reel Bandits
  • Starburst

While rare, classic casino games and other games are also available. These include:

  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Instant Win Games
  • Scratch cards

Karamba features a live casino, as well as a mobile (HTML5-based) casino, which provides access to NetEnt’s mobile slots. To get access to Karamba’s mobile casino, simply download the Karamba app from the App Store. It’s available in multiple languages, which includes Swedish, Finnish, and Danish.To guarantee fairness to all casino players, a 3rd party auditor uses a RNG (or Random Number Generator). In the help files of the games, you can also find a theoretical RTP (or Real-Time Transport Protocol) percentages.

Funding Options

Karamba offers plenty of funding options, which includes debit and credit cards. It is open to European markets, too. This is one of the major reasons why UK players prefer Karamba. You can deposit and withdraw amounts from £5 to £100,000. The fund transfer time allowance is 1 to 7 days.The list of deposit options includes:

  • PayPalMaestro
  • VISA
  • Entropay
  • PaySafe
  • fundsend
  • Skrill
  • Ukash
  • Sofortuberwaisung

Exciting Promotions & Bonuses

To welcome new players, Karamba casino offers exciting promotions and bonuses. The welcome bonus gives importance to the site’s signature games: slots. Therefore, the welcome bonus are FREE spins.When you sign up for an account, you can receive a total of 100 free spins. On your 1st day, you will receive 20 free spins. On your 2nd and 3rd days, you can receive up to 40 free spins each day.

bonuses to Karamba Casino

Karamba Reviews

Most of the reviews for Karamba Casino are positive. The platform features a wide variety of games, it has plenty of funding options, and it is accessible via a user-friendly and mobile-friendly site.Out of all the aforementioned advantages, the online casino’s commitment to responsible gaming is one of the major plus sides. With regulation from NG International Ltd, it makes for top-notch quality, playability, and safe and secure gaming sessions.Its customer service is also exemplary.

If you need help from a customer support representative, Karamba’s customer service is available via email, phone, and live chat. The service is available 17 hours every day (unavailable from 12:00 AM to 7:00 AM GMT). A small setback of the casino is its unavailability in some countries. These countries are; Hungary, Azerbaijan, Indonesia, Georgia, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Singapore, Bangladesh, Lithuania, Ukraine and the United States.


Karamba Casino has a decent reputation as a modern flash gaming site. It is very popular in Scandinavia; there, Karamba comes with TV endorsements. An outstanding factor about the casino is its preference for slots. Therefore, lovers of slot machines will adore the site.

5 Common Misconceptions About Digital Marketing – a Beginner’s Guide

There are numerous myths about digital marketing which are not true at all. These myths are normally created by those who try using digital marketing for their businesses but fail mainly because they do not research well about digital marketing. Some of these myths and misconceptions include it is very time consuming with a few results, certain industries are not suitable for digital marketing, it is very expensive, SEO is dying, my competitors are not using digital marketing, a business can only be successful with huge traffic on their website, and so on.

As a beginner, some of these myths have been busted below for your better understanding:

  1. Time-Consuming with Very Few Results

It is often said that digital marketing is a sector where people invest a lot of time without having any positive results which is a huge setback for the beginners. However, this is only a misconception which is not true. Even though it might be tough for a beginner, you only need to do the right thing and give it some time. Like all businesses, it takes time to shine in digital marketing. Digital marketing is now every company’s dream because of its enormous results that it brings at the lowest cost possible. It is very important to note that the results of digital marketing are long term and when the business succeeds, it becomes very cost effective to operate the business via digital marketing as opposed to offline marketing tools.

  1. Digital Marketing Is Only Successful With Huge Traffic

Huge traffic to a website can help in opening doors to a wide range of customers for your business, but is not the only way to be successful in digital marketing. The key consideration in digital marketing is quality as opposed to quantity. Getting customers not only to visit your website but also to purchase your products is very important and this is where most digital marketers fail. You can get as much traffic as possible to your site but if you are not making any noticeable sales, it is pointless. A few customers who visit your site and make purchases are very important than those who just visit your site and then vanish.

  1. SEO Is Dying

This is nothing but a rumor since SEO has no signs of dying any time soon. In fact, the use of SEO is increasing among the users. Most customers use search engines whenever they want to know about a brand, a product or service and their descriptions. Digital marketing plays a big role in ranking a site higher in search engine results, thus bringing your business very much closer to your audience. As a beginner, it is very important to thoroughly research and not be set back by such myths.

  1. My Brand Is Not Applicable To Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the right marketing platform for any kind of products and services. You will find almost anything on the internet from various industries all across the world. Any form of business has its own target market and with everyone going online(, it also means your target audience is also on the internet.

  1. Digital Marketing Is Very Expensive

This is a misconception that must not affect your business venture. One of the cheapest forms of marketing is digital marketing. You do not need to invest a huge amount of money to get it working for you since all you need to do is set up an effective e-commerce integrated website and start selling your products. There are also other free techniques you can employ to get the maximum results.

Choosing The Proper Caravan Insurance For Your Budget

There are a couple of various kinds of basic caravan insurance quotes to choose from, depending on what caravan driver need to protect and what he can afford. Where should you start?
First everybody should ask himself if he get enough protection in case of an auto accident occurring. In most states the general minibus insurance contract include property damage liability and bodily injury protection insurance for caravan owner. There are limits linked with van liability insurance coverage and it is always advised by the minibus insurance agencies that you protect yourself to the maximum by buying the most high limits that you may carry. Liability option cover others that you cause damage. It do not usually cover motorist, passengers or motor vehicle in any way. Property damage liability protect you if your caravan destroy someone else property. Usually it is their van, but it can be a guardrail, a garage or any other property damaged in road accident. It is a nice idea to purchase enough of this caravan insurance to cover the amount of damage your caravan might do to another driver.
Personal Injury Liability Option in Minibus Insurance Industry: Bodily injury liability option is demanded in many states but some no-fault state like Florida or Minnesota do not demand it. Bodily injury policy covers another driver bodily injuries or death for which you are at-fault. Filling minibus insurance claims for bodily injury may be for such things as health care bills, loss of occupation or pain and suffering. In the case of a serious crush, you wish enough insurance to cover a pretension against you in a lawsuit. So it is a winning idea (and often an agency demand) to buy the same amount of coverage for each of your motors.
You should look into your country-specific laws for caravan insurance. I.e you can read about Swedish car insurance(bilförsäkring) laws at The exact amount of coverage required will vary from state to state. A few even go further and only require a subset of liability insurance called bodily injury liability. This form of liability insurance only takes care of hospital expenses from physical injuries, and doesn’t help with property damages at all. But even if you live in a state with low liability requirements, it’s best to insure more than the minimum, because being responsible for accident expenses beyond what your insurance will cover could leave you with a bad driving history. And once you have that, it will take years to work your way back to a clean slate again!
Personal Damage Quote for Uninsured and Under insured Drivers: Uninsured motorist bodily injury (UMBI) is another coverage you may have to consider. Uninsured people quote covers you if another people was at-fault and you were suffered and they were not insured. UMBI protect you and your passengers for bodily injuries, damages, or mortgage caused by an at-fault uninsured rider. If you are involved in van accident where the other driver is at fault but has no paper, your saving minibus insurance protection will cover your healthcare expenses up to the amount on your contract with insurer.
There is also under insured motorist bodily injury (UNDUM) which covers you and your loved for injuries, caravan damages or mortgage caused by the negligence of a driver with low insurance. If you involved into a lane accident with a driver whose protection cannot meet your damages, your van insurance coverage will meet the difference up to the max limit of accepted liability.
In some states like Washington UMBI and somewhere UNDUM as well, are compulsory as chapter of the basic minibus insurance requirements while in quite a few other states this feature is not compulsory however the instant minibus insurance company have to propose you the coverage?s and you must decline in writing if you do not wish them as part of your ins policy.

The Age of Internet Marketing

The internet has made marketing a lot easier and cheaper than it was back in the day when the use of printed materials and commercials on television were seen as the standard. These methods are still used and reliable to this day but a lot of businesses and companies use the internet by using Social Media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, being the popular choices, to promote their products and services. Many sites allow for posting online for free and there are so many advertising sites that people go to frequently because these sites cover a certain niche. This is why internet marketing has quickly become the norm for businesses and is being added to business plans under marketing strategies.

Why Use Digital Marketing?

Internet marketing has become a needed addition to all the companies’ portfolios whether they are a start-up company or have been in business even before the internet was started. An internet presence is important for businesses because that is how a lot of them attract new and returning customers. People spend an estimated 20 hours a week online and this makes it a reasonable target to promote a product and get the news of the company out to the customers. Companies employ SEO specialist it to make sure that their services or products are at the top of the search engine list so that they are the first ones to be clicked on when people are searching for specific keywords. Internet marketing is not only a helpful tool to promote and advertise the company but it is quick and effective.

Implementing the Proper Strategies

Companies target Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter for their internet marketing needs because they are free and easy to use with a high number of users visiting them per an hour. However, Social Media websites were designed with the idea of social interaction in mind and many companies (and people) forget about that part. This can make them come across has being machine like which in turn can chase away new customers.

The best business Twitters are the ones that give off a human aspect to their posts by using comedy or mentioning world event etc. as if a person is running the pages and not a timed response. Needless to say, it is of great importance to follow the latest digital marketing trends in order to keep ahead of the competition.

Internet marketing is meant to help adverts the company but overdoing it will cause more harm than good. Marketing is divided into two ways: the push and the pull methods. Pushing is when marketing techniques push the companies’ services onto the clients and it is often obvious while pulling is drawing the clients in to the services or product and is often not in a very obvious manner. People preferred to be pulled into buying a product instead of feeling as if they had been hassled to. Online marketing is the same way that is why there is a lot of planning of what, when, why, how and where to post.

Each site comes with a set of rules to follow and although having a profile on Social Media is free having advertisement on the sites will cost. Timing of advertisement is everything in order to attract new customers within the companies’ targeted area of works both metaphorically and physically. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

white hat vs black hat seo

There are 2 ways in which your website can feature on top of search engine results – 1. Pay per click and 2. SEO. SEO and marketing are both different things, but they are also similar in some manner. SEO is the key to increasing the traffic to your website. SEO concepts are known to many, including web developers, software developers and web designers. SEO techniques are meant for website optimization, making them search engine friendly and increasing your chances of coming on top in search results. The leads generated from SEO are free leads which make it one of the most profitable methods.

There are many companies which offer shortcut to SEO and claim to deliver overnight success. They employ unethical techniques, known as Black Hat SEO which are against search engine policies. Many website owners knowingly or unknowingly fall into this trap and end up getting their websites banned by the search engines.

There are many books available on doing the right SEO, also known as White Hat SEO. A beginner should always refer them, as the principles of SEO are not very easy. SEO tools and software should be well researched before buying as search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing keep changing their algorithms for improving search techniques which can make these tools outdated and redundant very quickly.

Blogs are one of the most important SEO tools which are available for free. Google sitemap is another powerful tool for SEO. MSN also has a pay per click tool in Adcenter. While there are many other SEO tools available online, not all of them are good.

When it comes to SEO, some of the elements which one needs to pay close attention to include tagging headers, optimum density of keyword, text format through fonts, pointer links to the page, domain name of webpage, phrase construct, etc.

Content plays a critical role in SEO, as it keeps the visitors glued to your website. The quality of your content must be relative and determined by the content of the competitors’ websites. Your content should pass duplicate content filter. Hence, you need to index your content before publishing it for the search engines. The SEO content on your website should also be keyword-rich. The objective should be to create absolutely fresh, new and informative yet simple content for the visitors. With unique content, your traffic is likely to grow much faster. Once your SEO content has visitors, your next aim should be to convert them into customers.

Often, SEO and graphic or visual designs are seen as conflicting activities. However, it is not always true. You need to optimize the balance between the two depending on the nature of the visitors your website is likely to have. You need to understand your website user first, his likings and his dislikes. Based on this info, a good mix of graphics, designs and text can be blended to present a content which might bring your visitors for the long term. There are on page SEO elements which include Title, Headline, Body text and Meta tags. Use as many headers as possible.

Many of the modern day SEO techniques have been banned by the search engines. Hence, it is imperative to stay updated with the new SEO tactics. Irrespective of the tools used, there are 5 main mantras for successful SEO:

  • Usage of relevant keywords
  • Content should be unique and attractive for the visitors
  • Coding should be clean with no unethical practices
  • Relevant links with pointers to webpages
  • Good use of technology

If SEO is done in an optimum and fair manner, the results might be very impressive. It will not only improve your ranking on search engines, but will also increase the traffic to your website for long term with an increasing customer base for free. You simply have to follow the rules well!

SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Business Website

It is the ultimate goal of every person with an online business to create a search engine friendly website. But most of the time, we find ourselves busy with a lot of activities and thus we find very little time to create the perfect content to drive more traffic to our websites. We update our blogs just to clear our schedules. That is probably the reason why you still cannot grow your online business to the reputable brand it should be. Below are some tips to boost traffic to your website:

  • Post New Content Frequently and Consistently

Fresh and new content is more likely to appear first in the Google search results. This is because the algorithm used by Google gives preference to new content. If you publish original content on a regular basis, you will definitely see increased traffic to your page.

  • Make Use of Keywords in Your Content

Coming up with a list of keywords will make things easier for you. These are words a client is more likely to enter into a search engine while looking for a product you offer. Use these keywords to describe your products and services on your web page. And SEO experts can help you in this regard.

  • Make Use of an SEO Plugin
    Several plugins are available to help you create keyword-rich content for your website. A few examples you can look for are WordPress SEO by Yoast and All-in-One SEO Pack.
  • Submit Your Site to All Major Search Engines

Your business page will be useless if no one can find it. It should be the goal of everyone with an online business platform to have their site listed by popular search engines. If your site is in their directories, you will be guaranteed to have free traffic to your site. The best way to ensure your site is listed is to manually hand over your site to the search engines.

  • Create Posts With Tags

WordPress has tags feature that can be used to create tags. Make sure your site’s tags are keyword-rich to enhance its visibility.

  • Engage With Other Bloggers and Add Comments to their Blogs

Creating links with other blogs will encourage them to link back. A web page with many links and backlinks has more authority and a higher ranking.

  • Delete and Block Spam Comments

Any comment left on your site is considered as content by Google. Spam will hamper your ranking and reduce the relevance of your keyword. The best way to avoid this is to block all spam comments.

  • Add Internal Links to Your Posts

Internal links add more traffic to your posts. This way, people can access other sites through your web page, thus improving your authority and ranking. It’s also a great way to optimize your SEO blog for higher visibility.


An online business that cannot drive traffic will not profit the owner anyway. Any online business owner must prioritize their content to increase the activity of their sites. This article has highlighted the key areas that online business owners must improve on to increase their sites’ traffic and increase your search engine ranking in the SERPs.

seo blogging

Online Casino Gambling – The Next Big Thing?

online casino

Online gambling has taken over the whole online casino world by surprise. With its remote access to anyone who wants to play it has become a successful business for the service providers. There are thousands of online sites providing thousands of gambling games for the customers. The reason behind its popularity is not just a single one. There are multiples reasons why people are loving online gambling. The online casinos have given extra bonuses to the users from the start and this idea got mature with the time. It did not only bring new customers to the platform but also remains the old payers attached to the system as they have more chances to win. Although the platform providers always have the upper hand but still when there are more chances of playing the game obviously the winning chances increase.

Always remember that gambling can be addictive, so if you have a tendency for addiction you should be very careful with your gambling habits. Read more on what happens in the brain of a gambling addict here.


The uniqueness of the system got it so far ahead in the market. When something is provided not only at your door but in your hands it is most likely to become popular. Gambling is an old tradition in many countries and the way it has been mixed with technology in the form of online gambling it had to become a worldwide phenomenon. In this way the people have a remote access to the system no matter where they are so the accessibility increases the business. Gone are the days when people prepared themselves to go to a particular place in order to gamble, now you just have to pick your phone and you can start playing.

Extra benefits

The platform providers also took care of the fact that there should be any attractiveness in the platform apart from the amazing front end of the system. Most of the online casinos give the customers free spins and slots the moment they sign in. The free spins and free slots give the customers a chance to win big without spending any money. This give the customers a hope to win and they stick to the system because of it. In this way the beginners keep signing up and the experienced players keep on playing the games because of these online casino bonuses!

Deposit Options

There are a number of deposit options which are a great benefit for the players. Many sites have more than 5 to 6 payment options and there are bonuses on using each one. Credit card and debit card are also an option of payment along with electronic checks. In this way anybody can choose the best method that suits him or her for payment and can play anytime he or she wants. Even the banks offer special credits if you use their services and in this way you would be benefitting from the system one way or the other.

Various stake levels

The online casinos provide you the opportunity to gamble any amount you want to. You can play with the help of a free spin, a slot for few cents or even gamble thousands of dollars. You should start at low stake and gradually go towards the top rewards. In this way you would be lowering the risks once you are a beginner and afterwards when you are more experienced you can play at a bigger level. In this way the chances of winning big time would increase but you would have to be patient. Even the experienced players start with a lower gambling amount in order to lower the amount of risk in the start. As the game builds up the gambling amount also builds up with it. You can find more casino resources on this AboutMe!










How To Enjoy The Best Apotea Coupons

When it comes to online discount coupons, one conclusion is very clear: it is impossible not to save a lot of money by claiming one of these coupons. So, in order to be one of those buyers who purchase everything with a lower price, all you have to do is claim all these vouchers from this Swedish online pharmacy. Apotea is a renown outstanding online pharmacy in Sweden and has always been in the front line to give their customers offers and discounts. It takes you a few clicks to get access to all these cdon and apotea coupons. So, don’t miss out on the latest offers and let the shopping begin!

Decided to save more money on pharmaceutical products from now on? Looking for the best financial deals available at the moment? Then, you need to gather more and more information on the types of apotea coupons only a click away from you. Actually, according to an incredible number of customers, this might be the best way to buy anything from now on. You will always enjoy the lowest prices following their numerous discounts on all their sales.

So, how does the system work? Well, the answer is simple: you will benefit from all sorts of discounts on a great selection of products. The coupons can be used for shopping for all types of stores. For example, only a few clicks away from you, it is easy to find not only apotea coupons, but also cdon coupons.

The plan is very simple: online stores such as apotea or cdon or jotex or bubbleroom, etc. offer their customers some very convenient discount vouchers. These digital promotional codes can be used by any client for a limited period of time. Of course, depending on the type of apotea rabattkod coupons, there will be selected a list of products or free shipping will be offered and so on.

In other words, this is a dynamic environment: every day can bring you new coupons and promotional codes easy to use for shopping various types of products. So, if, for example, you wish to purchase medicines or cosmetic products or a household electronic appliance, all you have to do is access a specialized site, a third party where coupons ar available.

However, the simplicity in accessing apotea, ellos or nelly or cdon coupons at is not the only important advantage to mention. The other very good news is that there is always a valid campaign ongoing. This means that you will be able to buy today a new outfit without worrying about the budget.

If you want to be one of these clients who save a lot of money on every purchase, then you must definitely subscribe to their official newsletter and be the first to access their campaigns! They will always update you when they are offering discounts or when they have promotions. You should not miss out their great offers which always give you a favor. It’s time to shop and then shop some more!

apotea rabattkod coupons

Rabattkoder – Welcoming Our Newest Partner

With the year about to end in a month, everybody is looking for great deals to get their hands on. Festive seasons call for festive gifts and shopping. And that, in turn, calls for long coupon-hunting sessions and lots of precious minutes, even hours, wasted. Not just that but also finding the right coupon for the right product becomes is a pain. Don’t you wish you had a place where everything you see on display has discounts going on? So, without spending all day on finding discounts and deals, you can give a try. It is a Swedish website dedicated to providing everybody in the Swedish online marketplace with great discount codes which can be used on respective websites. To help you shop online they provide you with the latest and hottest deals for the listed products.

Rabatt Koder has a wide array of coupons to choose from. From clothing and accessories to furniture, laptops and other electronics, they have got you covered. And all of those offers are completely free! While choosing which offer to take, make sure you read exactly what items and website that coupon covers. Offers are regularly updated so it is wise to keep checking with the website every now and then for the newest deals. Some of the popular stores offering discounts are Halens, Cdon, Nordicfeel, Ellos, Ginza, Stylepit, WhiteAway, Timarco, Apotea and Best of Brands. Currently these are only Swedish brands that we are dealing with here but they are amazing brands in their own right and have a lot of varieties of products under their wings. You can save a lot of money by using Rabatt-koder if you are an avid shopper on any of those online stores. All you have to do is copy the code from the coupon and, while checking out of the respective online store, paste it in the appropriate field. It usually says something like “discount, promo, and coupon code”.

The Website

The website is designed to keep things simple and works very efficiently. You find the most popular discount shops on the home page along with the hottest deals first and the vouchers second. The navigation is kept simple too with only two tabs one saying Home’ and other saying Shops’, both very self-explanatory and the help section has been dragged down to the bottom to help confused patrons. The home page shows websites that have great deals going on and once you click on the store button a new page opens with the shop description and details telling you your available options. To the left of the description page is a button that takes you to the web-store where you see discounts right up-front without any hassle. Some offers are truly amazing as they apply to even the latest and hottest products in the global market like video games, laptops, fashion, etc. These offers can even go up to 80% reduced price.

So, without hesitating, make sure to check out for amazing discounts on almost all major Swedish online web-stores.


3 Expert Tips to Help Your Business Remain Relevant in the Digital Marketing Space

The Internet is pretty much a key player in just about every aspect of day-to-day activities. If you don’t have a success digital presence, there is always the possibility that your business will become obsolete in the modern plugged-in world. This is why it’s critical that you deploy the best digital marketing strategy possible if you want to see an improvement in all aspects of your business.
However, online marketing isn’t just about increasing your online sales figures, improving search engine rankings for your website or increasing click-throughs Of course, these are important, but they shouldn’t be the main focus for you and your team. 

It also boils down to increasing brand exposure so that more of your current and potential customers are aware of your brand, are conversant with it, will recommend it and remember it in their hour of need. Sure, your return on investment will not be immediate. But, most often, successful brand awareness will eventually bring in a lead, sale or referral that will place cash in your business’ bank account.
Even though many entrepreneurs deploy digital strategies, they don’t see their desired results. If this rings true for you, don’t worry; there are a couple of tactics that you can utilize to strengthen your strategy for better results. 

Check out these three expert digital marketing tips to increase awareness online. Maybe you are already using one or two, but doing all three will improve your efforts and prospects. 

Review Your Target Market

The foundation of any successful marketing campaign entails narrowing down to your target demographic. After all, what message will you send if you have no idea who you’ll be talking to?

Your idea of the ideal customer five years ago may have changed today. With technology evolving and the marketing world expanding, your target audience has most likely increased as well. This means that you have to change your current strategy to reflect the changes of your customer base. 

Re-evaluating your target audience will help you identify the demographic that brings you the greatest Return on Investment (ROI) before you blow through your entire campaign budget. Plus, re-evaluation is critical in case: 

  1. There have been recent changes in the economy
  2. Your business has expanded and is offering more
    search engines

    products and services

  3. Of competitors drastically changing their marketing efforts

Mobile Optimization

Every link, post and page on your website is an opportunity for your target audience to see and notice you. These elements also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and they have the power to improve or hurt your search engine rankings. 

Because of this, you should ensure that your website is properly optimized for mobile to convert a huge chunk of online users to loyal customers. In fact, if your online presence doesn’t effortlessly translate onto tablet and smartphone screens, mobile users will more likely find your competitors. If you want your digital efforts to bring you favorable results, you’ll want to update to update your website to convert to mobile screens. 

Get Specific And Focus

While it’s not a good idea to place all your eggs in a single basket, you also shouldn’t spread yourself too thing by trying out a host of online marketing strategies at once. This is especially true if you are working with a small budget.
If you try balance email marketing, SEO, multimedia production, social media marketing and others with your modest budget at a go, you will only have enough to scratch the surface of each. The results will not be satisfactory, and you may end up ruling off your strategy as a dud even before you have invested enough resources to see it work. 

Instead, you’re much better off if you focused on specific areas with clear cut goals. For example, if you focus on SEO, do you want to dominate the Web by getting to the top position on Google, raise position for your key terms, or direct more traffic to your site?

In other words, narrow down your marketing efforts to specific goals and realistic expectations for a clearer picture of how much time and money you should spend. This gives your business the best chance of getting noticed by your clients and search engines.
Implementing the strategies above into your overall digital marketing campaign will be great for your business, but you can have them all work as one. As long as you commit to understanding your audience, keep a watchful eye on what the modern world requires of you, and have specific SEO goals, you will have no problem achieving the results and profits you want. 

Faelgbutikken – A One Stop Shop For Rims And Wheels

With winter around the corner and the first few days of snowfall, we are witnessing the expected rise in thick soft tires and standard black rims. Faelgbutikken is a danish rim and tire distributor, who ensures that things don’t have to be that way. You don’t need unappealing standard rims on your customized Ashton Martin or basic winter tires on your Ferrari. The owners behind the website are car enthusiast, as yourself, meaning they know the impact a pair of good rims and wheels can have on your vehicle. Nothing less than high-quality performance rims and tires will be found on the website, these rims and wheels parallel the authenticity and quality of auto dealers.

With 10 years under its belt, Faelgbutikken still takes the customers needs highly into consideration. They ensure that the rim you want for your vehicle can be found and obtained. This is great for consumers because it eliminates the hassle of hunting for rims, only to settle for used or fake versions. The wide variety of wheels and rims are due to the various private import and direct distribution deals with several recognized manufacturers. Suppliers range from across Europe, meaning the right part can be obtained from the right place at the right price. In addition to great products, safety is also taken highly into consideration. It is very important when doing even the slightest modifications on your vehicle, Faelgbutikken understands this and acts accordingly. All wheels and rims are checked with your specific car for approval to ensure safety. Rims and tires are checked that they fit your car and do so firmly. In addition to the initial check, wheels are assembled and balanced in the advanced Hunter Machine, which provides better ride comfort. The final product is stylish, high-quality rims that can be immediately mounted onto your car, upon delivery.

An Unprecedented Variation Of Products offers an incredible amount of rims for various cars in various sizes. The sheer size of the catalog is impressive in itself. Most vehicles on the market are accounted for, along with their models meaning the website can be used as a one-stop shop for tires and rims. Whether you want performance rims for your Acura TL or stylish black rims for your Mini Cooper, you can shop with some piece of mind. The ability to compare prices, sizes and styles can all be done in one place making it easy for the consumer. In addition to summer performance tires, winter tires and all season tires are available. The customer service team can also provide you with details to help you make the right decision. Once a decision has been made you can easily add it to your cart and complete your payment using any form of online payment. The experience with Faelgbutikken doesn’t end with payment, they continue to send you emails on the process of your product and confirmation. In addition to the great customer service is the speedy delivery usually taking 3-5 days. Faelgbutikken is a professional company and conducts business in that manner. The products delivered and sold are meant to meet your high expectations. Quality is key when shopping with Faelgbutikken.


Apotea: Sweden’s Future Juggernaut

An up and coming e-commerce business by the name of Apotea (founded in 2011) has quickly developed into Sweden’s largest e-pharmacy. In fact, the company, based out of Stockholm, is Sweden’s first completely functioning pharmacy with no tangible store locations. Their aim is to make the “service and simplicity” greater for their regular consumer, a mission that they have gone to extraordinary lengths to achieve. With shares being opened up gradually to big buyers, this Swedish company isn’t standing idle either; there is a keen eye for large growth that is being attained by the firm in many ways already.

A Modern Approach

Apotea is well-rounded, acting as an e-retailer of medications as well as healthcare/personal items. As of 2011, the Swedish MPA approved them to sell prescription and non-prescription products. Apotea is headed by CEO Pär Svärdson and several co-founders but recently opened up to SEB (another Swedish firm that handles finance) in order to seek out other buyers for portions of the company. Originally they were looking to open 10% of the company up to shares (as of April 1st); however, by May 9th, 11% of the company was eventually acquired by a mix of buyers including Ernström & Company alongside the Avito site founders (a firm handling item advertisement online).
The head of Apotea, a few early investors, and Laulima sold some of their shares in the company, allowing in the buyers from outside the firm and showing the firm’s move toward expansion. Sweden is gradually becoming known for its abundance of fresh ideas and progressive actions. Other firms that have illustrated the nation’s innovative tendencies are King (bought by Activision Blizzard for 5.8 billion dollars and known for coming up with the game Candy Crush), Klarna (another e-commerce company), and the renown music firm Spotify.


A Promising Future For Tech Firms

It’s quite obvious that tech-savvy firms will take the upper-hand in the market place of the future. Three-fourths of Swedes older that sixteen use smartphones, so it’s quite clear that a firm like Apotea that wants to make a “regular pharmacy” but with the sheer “convenience of online shopping”, will rise to the top of their market. There is no doubt that this firm is going to grow rapidly in the years to come. Projections even show twice the amount of sales as the year before in 2016, a total coming out to 120 million dollars. There is such a promising future for the firm as they hold a strong grasp on their market in Sweden as well as an accurate assessment of the new tech-culture developing in their nation and around the world. At this point, Apotea is focusing on growth equity, seeking to simply to expand via established investors buying in to the company. As the firm becomes more established itself, it will be open to smaller investors, allowing the everyday man to take his stake in this budding Swedish company. The very idea that this firm is all online is a testament to the way in which technology is so deeply embedded into society and the individual’s daily life. It is also showcases the apt judgement of the people who originated the company itself.

Timarco – A Shoppers Paradise?

timarco e commerce

In the busy world we live in, finding time for ourselves is becoming more and more of a task. In such a case, nobody wishes to waste their precious energy in going around the shops, just to gather the essentials. Online shopping has certainly made it convenient to shop at midnight, in the comfort of your home. Online stores specifically for dresses or shoes may eat up more of your time. Browsing becomes tedious, that is why stores with everything at one place, proves much better.

Timarco is one such eCommerce platform which has a huge product range; right from undergarments to dresses and shoes. It offers men and women a choice of 90+ brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, Hanes etc. under one roof.

Categories: The various categories along which you can shop are:
Intimate wear: Timarco has a vast range of branded underwear to choose from along with lounge wear and pregnancy clothing which comprises of maternity pants and nursing bras. They also have a wide collection of sports bra.

Swimwear and accessories: Variety of bikinis on display is mind-boggling. Swimsuits, swimshorts and swimwear accessories such swim caps, goggles are also available.

Clothing: This range comprises of dresses, tops, tanks, t-shirts, tights, jackets.
Sportswear: 900 + choices of Athletic apparel and training accessories.

Socks and Shoes: Timarco dresses you from head to toe. Work shoes, sports shoes, dressy shoes, everyday shoes; you name it and they have it. That’s not all foot care and shoe care items are also available.

Accessories: Heading for a fun-filled holiday at the beach? Don’t forget to have a look at beach bags and caps.

Design and function: The website is very user-friendly and it is very easy to browse through different categories. The categories option gives you a glimpse of all the product range available at the store, so that navigation becomes effortless.

Product Details: A detailed product information is mentioned with every item with high resolution pictures, for better viewing. The color options are given on the side.

Return policy: When shopping online, the first thing everybody wants to know is the return policy as there are much chance that one may not like the product or the product turns out to be one size too big or too small. Apart from underwear, which are not exchanged for hygienic reasons, everything else can be returned easily within 60 days. You can either get your money back or ask for an exchange.

Payment Methods: Payment is accepted through secure online payment system by credit card or debit card.
Delivery time: They usually deliver within 3-10 days, depending upon the customer’s location.
Timarco definitely makes your job undemanding and simple. What’s more, they also make an ideal gifting option. Gift cards are available in electronic and paper form. One can buy a gift card ranging from 10 £ to 75 £. In case of electronic card a mail will be sent with a code and expiration date, which can be used on the check-out page. Gift paper is directly sent to the intended recipient.


The Progression Of Modern Slot Machines

Slot machines have been famous all over the world for many years. In a classic game there are 3-7 reels that are allowed to spin, and when the machine stops spinning, the symbols lined up will decide the winning amount. It was in the year 1887 that the first slot machine was designed in California. The three reels that are available have unique symbols, and it is the combination of these three symbols that decides the winning amount. Interestingly, these machines contribute 70% of the gambling revenue to most casinos, being more profitable than all other table games.
These machines are enjoyed by many players as there is no special skill or strategy required to play the game. This is a game of pure luck and the more patience a person has, the more chances are there for him/her to win a jackpot.

Different types of slot machines are available in all casinos. However, the basic modus operandi remains the same in most cases. Slots can come in all sort of sizes, designs and patterns.
The simplicity and the easy accessibility of the games make Slot Machines the most sought after gambling option in casinos. Casinos all over the globe are made up of almost 70 percent of such machines, and the remaining 30 percent is made up of a variety of other table games. These machines can also be looked at as recreational and a fun option for passing the time, unless of course, someone is a problem gambler.

How Slot Machines Work

Once a specific pattern lines up on a slot machine, the game will automatically dispose of the winning amount. Traditional machines had a mechanical lever to spin the wheels, which are now complemented by a push button mechanism, or in even newer machines, a touch screen pattern. The visual display on the reels is brightly colored with easily recognizable images. Conventional machines accepted only single-denomination currency; however, with improved technology multi-denomination currency slots have been in wide use for decades now. Some casinos have such machines with denominations from one cent all the way up to $100.

No More Need To Get Out Of The Chair

As for individuals who can not make it to a land-based casino, many websites offer an online version of slots. Players can see three to seven reel machines in online versions of casinos. Creating an online account with the casinos is an essential first step to enjoying slot machine games online When it comes to monetary transactions the player’s money will be safely handled. The winning amount is transferred using the same method used to make a deposit when creating the account. One significant advantage of online slot machines is that they can be played just for fun and don’t require a real money deposit.
Many types of slot machines are used today. They are classified as class 2 and class 3. Underclass 2 there are only two players who play against each other while in class 3 the player goes up against the house. Problem gamblers are the main source of revenue for these machines. Regardless, millions of regular people enjoy a few spins at the machines when they have the opportunity.

progression of slot machines

Discovering The Many Benefits And Advantages Of Shopping In An Online Sex Shop

Sex shops have been around for many years and can be found in and around most cities across the world. There are even some cities such as London, Amsterdam, and Thailand where sex shops and selling sex is rife. In Amsterdam, you have the red light district which not only has lots of sex shops within it, but there are also lots of prostitutes that are advertising sex, clients can walk in off the street and have sex with these women for money if they so wish to.
Trying to spice things up in the bedroom? It is sometimes necessary to do so. Having sex with your significant other is a joy, But if you have been together for a while, the lovemaking between you will inevitably turn into a kind of routine. It will lose that spark, surprise, and spontaneity that it had when you first got together. This is no one’s fault. It is something that happens to all couples. It is perfectly natural to grow accustomed to the physical actions of the person you’re with as you grow comfortable with one another. However, this does not mean you have to become bored with each other; for as we have bodies – we also have minds, and we can figure out new ways of keeping things interesting in bed.

Using sex toys is a great way to bring some fun and innovation into your sex life. Online sex shops allow you to explore many different items and devices that may stimulate you and your partner in ways that neither one of you ever considered. In an online sex shop, you might find just the thing you’ve been looking for to bring energy and vigor back to your sex life.

Everyone has heard of vibrators and dildos, but you may not know of the many varieties of these devices. Indeed, you may see something that you know will get your juices going. You may spot a vibrator that you can see hitting you in just the right spot.

You and your partner may have recently swapped fantasy stories. Maybe he would like you to wear exceptionally revealing lingerie or some other garment that fulfills his fantasy. Online sex shops provide such garter belts, fishnet stockings, cuffs, gags and other such fetish and fantasy items. You will be able to surprise him one night by dressing up and becoming the woman he wants to possess passionately. In online sex shops, you will also find an array of lubes and gels; and you will also be able to get what you need to clean and maintain your sex toys.

sexshops reigniting the spark

Reigniting the spark

You should not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. If you know it is time to change things in the bedroom; then you should start the process today. The sooner you begin to get things back on track – the sooner your relationship will improve, and your love life can begin to revive. Few relationships can survive when the passion is gone. You don’t have to succumb to the effects of time and comfort, instead, you can create a thriving and highly vigorous sex life with your partner and build your relationship. It just requires the two of you to make a commitment to do so and to exert your respective imaginations. Shopping at an online sex shop will help you get what you need to execute your fantasy. It will get you both back in the mood in which you cannot keep your hands off each other, and restore your happiness and sexual well-being.

The research identified great interest amongst women regarding erotic shops, and their products. But the indisputable driving force that stopped women from visiting sex shops was the negative associations connected with the industry. Bringing female sex shops into the shopping mainstream is an important aspect in changing this attitude. The location is also critical. Women need to feel safe.

There is no doubting that women, like men, are interested in sex, but regarding sex shops, women want style, safety, comfort and fashion. The belief that sex shops are just frequented by ‘dirty old men’ is undoubtedly a view that needs changing. Shops like “SH!”, in London, have taken this on by adopting a policy that men aren’t allowed into the shop unless accompanied by a responsible woman. Where ten years ago access to items of a sexual nature was limited for women, the UK now has five strong female-led erotic retailers, each with their style, but all with a strong awareness of women as consumers.


All you need to know about SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization This is a methodology of techniques and strategies used to increase the number of visitors to a website. In other words, SEO makes your website appear in the first pages of search engine results pages of various search engines including Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

Types of SEO techniques

There are various techniques used in search engine optimization improves the visibility of your site in the search engine results pages. Here are some popularly used techniques.

White hat SEO: this is a popular Search engine optimization technique that aims at improving search engine rankings through methods and techniques that abide by the search engine guidelines. The techniques used in white hat SEO include website HTML optimization, high-quality content development, and link acquisition. This method provides steady and lasting growth in the search engine ranking.

Black hat SEO: this technique take advantage on weak points in the search engine algorithms to get high rankings. In most cases, this technique does not obey the guidelines of the search engines. The techniques for black hat SEO include link spam, keyword stuffing, hidden link, hidden text, and cloaking. People who use this technique will expect fast and short-lived growth in the search engines ranking.

Grey hat SEO: this is a technique that combines both white hat and black hat SEO. Most of the companies practice grey hat SEO to deliver better results.

Importance of SEO

Search engine optimization is an important practice in most businesses that have websites. Here are the benefits of using SEO for your business:

Higher traffic: this is one of the most important benefits of using search engine optimization. Appearing on top pages of the search engine results will lead to more impressions and clicks. Therefore, ranking on top pages will significantly increase the traffic to your website. Also, search engine optimization creates keyword relevant meta descriptions and title tags that appear on the result pages. In this case, optimized tags and descriptions improve the click through rate, which increases the website traffic.

Return on Investment (ROI): for non-e-commerce and e-commerce sites, search engine optimization provides ROI. The SEO agencies will track conversion rate on your website. Also, there is analytics that provides demographic information of people who have visited your site. In e-commerce sites, the search engine optimization Agencies can view the paths users have taken to complete a sale. For non-e-commerce sites, the ROI is calculated through the lead conversions.

Cost effectiveness: SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy since it targets users who are looking for your products and services online. Therefore, it will give you more bang for the buck compared to other marketing strategies such as cold-calling. Although cold-calling is an effective marketing strategy, it costs up to 60% more as compared to SEO. Also, the traffic result from digital marketing and SEO is more qualified because it targets visitors who are actively searching for your products and services. Therefore, Search engine optimization results in higher cost-savings when compared to other strategies.

User-friendly website: Search engine optimization helps create a user-friendly and faster website that is easier to navigate. Search engine optimization involves the rearranging of the site architecture and pages to make it easier to find. Well-structured and clean websites will compel the visitors to stay longer on the website. Modern Search engine optimization also focuses on improving the user experience. In this case, the highly relevant content will make the readers happy as there are higher chances of solving the pressing issues. It’s lately also important to keep your website safe by using https. Read about https vs http.

Brand awareness: the higher ranking is search engine results in more impressions that lead to more exposure for your site. Being on the first pages of the search engine results will enable users to associate your brand with the content that appear on the first pages. “Usually, people trust the companies on the first pages as they are thought to be reputable” – says SEO expert Jacob Lind. The more your content appears in the first pages of the search engines; your readers are more likely to associate your content with your brand. 


Search engine optimization is a very important practice that has gained popularity in the past few years. It is aa technique which aims at making your website rank higher in the search engine results pages. There are many benefits of search engine optimization to your organization. If properly done, Search engine optimization will make your website more visible hence increasing the traffic on your site.

search engine results

Review of SEO Tool – Cockpit

When it comes to SEO tools, you should not just settle for the ordinary ones. You should opt for those that will truly give you your money’s worth. The good news is you don’t have to look any further. You have SEO Cockpit. 

SEO Cockpit is certainly not your run-of-the-mill SEO tool. In fact, it’s trying to revolutionize the way you do your search engine optimization: by making it automatic, truly easy, more accurate, and more fitting to the brand you’re establishing. 

To give you an idea of what you can anticipate from SEO Cockpit, take a look at the list below: 

Thorough Backlinks Checker

Checking search engines for backlinks is time-consuming; there are lots of players on the web. SEO Cockpit saves you time by allowing you to keep track of backlinks between search engines such as Google and Yahoo at the same time. 
And if this isn’t enough, the program actually updates itself twenty-four hours a day. Not like other online SEO tools, SEO Cockpit provides 24-hour data of site statistics and keyword rankings. What can be more spot-on than that? You can now skip the second-guessing of where you stand in search engines. There will be no more false hopes. Most of all, because you’re getting the right information, you can also come up with the right SEO decisions to improve rankings in your niche market. “The data available through the Cockpit backlinks checker is very impressive” , says expert at Lund SEO

Indexed Pages

There’s definitely a good reason why content is certified king in the World Wide Web after all these years. They just help drive traffic to your website, and more traffic means higher chances of getting prospects and even customers for your business. The sad news is despite the many tools for SEO, there’s no best way of really knowing if your new content has been picked up by your most-searched engines, particularly Google. 

Well, not until SEO Cockpit came along. It features Pages Indexed, which gives you an idea which content has already been picked up and how it ranks against your competitors. 

E-Mailed Stats Alerts

So-called top SEO tools are pleased with just supplying you with statistics and reports. SEO Cockpit takes it one step higher: e-mailing them into your chosen inbox. You are not required to constantly log in to your account just to know your statistics. What’s more, we are talking about aggregated traffic statistics. This means you also no longer need to log into your AWStats account.

All data you gather from SEO Cockpit can be converted into PDF reports but that’s not all. You can actually customize them. You can include your business name, logo, and even contact details. Moreover, since they are in PDF, they are easily e-mailed or shared with your business partners and colleagues. 

No More Downloads!

Perhaps the best thing about SEO Cockpit and the reason it’s like your random SEO tool is this: it’s completely web based. Not only will you able to save some space on your hard drive, you can always monitor your account anytime and anywhere. 

There’s no doubt that SEO Cockpit is one of the best SEO tools to date. You may ask, though, is the price tag hefty? Not at all! Everyone is entitled to a free 14-day trial, and get this, at a very small fee of $10, you can enjoy the software as much as you want.

Customers are enticed with seeing lots of products especially if prices are provided. They can recommend your site to friends who might be looking for things that are in your virtual establishment. If you provide for a rating system then you will surely gain more steps up to the next level. An online shopping cart is also an important tool to push you up to top 10 search engine placement because of the ready catalog you can provide with corresponding prices for the products or service you offer. 

You can browse and check online for more secrets and techniques to promote your virtual store. You can inquire on links that can sponsor you. There are likewise websites that offer optimization packages that can truly serve your purpose. You can online available sites with professional representatives that can deal with your areas of concern particularly on getting to the list for top 10 search engine placement.

Online Marketing – Can You Afford To Neglect It?

Online marketing can be utilized in a variety of ways to get the most amazing benefits. And for using this  marketing strategy, you must know how effective marketing strategies work. Here we will discuss some of the major benefits of online marketing in today’s business that is very hard to neglect if you actually want to start your own business and want to get the desired results.

Online marketing is a tool which allows businessmen and other people to advertise directly to their product and people will directly respond on an immediate basis. The major benefit of online marketing, because of which it is used by everyone these days is that it is cheap and inexpensive and the most widely used method that gives a prompt response.

Online marketing involves the choosing of a marketing medium that is you have to select the medium where you want your product to be advertised. After the advertisement, you will get a huge traffic to your website which is directly linked to a huge sale.

These online strategies, also enhance the visibility of your website and that is why you will be able to get more visitors on the website. If you also want to get a huge return on investment (ROI) then select the online strategies and start your own business as we are aware that the only purpose of online marketing strategy with lower cost and risk is that it will enhance the sales and a high return on investment (ROI).

Benefits Offered By Digital Marketing:

  • Statistical Measurement Is Easy:

One of the major benefits of online marketing is that it allows you to measure statistics very easily and at a very low cost. And every single person visiting your site can be traced easily and those who are going to buy can also be traced. As this tracking is a simple thing because online marketing involves promoting the website and it also encourages on clicking the ad along with various other actions.

  • Online marketing is a very cost-effective method of advertising as compared to other online methods. Most of the businessman create and deliver an online marketing campaign with lot more spending to get the maximum benefit and reward later on.
  • Pay Per Click

Pay per click advertising is also a great way of driving immediate traffic and sales on your website. The basic advantage of this form is that payment will be only delivered when a user clicks on the ads. This is how you can also track the number of users visiting the website.

  • Fast And Efficient:

Online marketing strategies are highly fast and efficient than other traditional methods such as posts, radio, etc. with the help of online marketing, you will be able to reach your target audience within a few days or sometimes even hours.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

These include the companies who are there to help their customers or other companies in marketing their products and services online at the top of the search engines including bing, google etc.



SEO – Opening New Doors In Marketing

Online business is heaven’s answer to the unemployed or those who are tired of following orders all the time. However, one can never deny that a great deal of the success of an online business relies on the excellence of the use of SEO as a marketing tool.
This way of marketing is becoming a very famous technique for digital marketers. If you have an online business, then of course, you should primarily have a website. But what good is your website, if no one actually visits it. People should be aware of your products or services. Therefore you should be visible to your target market.

Search Engine Optimization Marketing is a strategy applied to raise your site’s ranking among search engines. As a result, you will receive a greater number of hits. In order to achieve this, analysis and construction of individual web pages and entire sites are performed so these can be discovered, analyzed and then indexed by different search engines.

When SEO is incorporated, your web pages’ content will be more relevant, more attractive and more easily read by the crawling and indexing spiders of search engines.

Any businessman, online or offline, should be aware of the importance of marketing for the survival and progress of his business. In the case of online business owners, they should undertake aggressive marketing campaigns due to the high level of competition. Effective marketing campaigns will take your rankings higher on the ladder and will ensure that your target market finds you. Bottom line, excellent SEO Marketing equals greater profits.

mountain top

SEO marketing is a skill that can be learned quickly. However, keep in kind that it would take years to master the craft. You don’t actually have to be a web design expert as there are a number of ways to create effective marketing campaigns. One can actually learn to perform SEO campaigns by themselves.
If you wish to do your own marketing campaign, begin by doing some research about it. You can find a huge stock of information online. On the other hand, if you want a surer and faster way of learning, you may employ the services of SEO experts.

A very important aspect of SEO marketing is Keyword Research For any marketing technique, it is highly important that you determine your audience and the means to reach them. Or perhaps it can be the other way around.
A good keyword research will result in greater traffic and very competitive approximates. When your keyword research is performed excellently, the obtained keyword will allow you to efficiently allocate your resources. By focusing only on the right keywords, you will be able to save time, money and effort. In addition, you will be assured that whatever you put into it will yield greater returns.

When you perform diligent keyword research to your site, you will obtain a higher chance of bigger traffic volume. The ideal keywords will turn your website become a profitable entity.

The ability to make good use of SEO can certainly determine the outcome of your online business. Keep in mind that your goal is to reach that number one spot!

New owner

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The switch means we are now shifting our focus over to SEO. It is our intention to list strong SEO Agencies on this site, and help you get a better understanding on the topic.
That also means we’ve cleaned out all the previous sites linked out to.

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